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booking + rants :: dvoinoi.official@gmail.com

Dvoinoi is an electronic duo, formed in 2014 in Bilbao, Basque Country.

We focus on noise, techno and experiments with sound.

April 11 2018 Circa Tapes & Dvoinoi at Shake! Bilbao..

March 17 2018, Live @fuachaval festival.

Live set @orbitak radio. Thank you Orbitak!

New live studio recording: Untitled-1, download it at bandcamp

New album: Artefact, download it at bandcamp

Watch the Neuropa Live, excerpt video on youtube

Check out our monophonic midi text-sequncer! github.com/dvoinoi.

We're on idmradio.net

We have released a new tape, download it at archive.org

We released an album
Binary Solstice
download it at bandcamp listen on youtube

listen to an excerpt from "neurope" : n

We released a track with Plazma Records -